Groupe initiatives
The expertise of 15 professional development associations
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Founded in 1993, Groupe initiatives (Gi) is a collective of 15 professional international solidarity associations who assumed that “they would make better progress together than separately and they would overcome their differences and conflicting interests by setting themselves common challenges and shared goals”.

Gi is a forum for exchange and sharing of experiences and practices, making it possible to inform reflections conducted by development cooperation stakeholders and to formulate recommendations in terms of public policies

Through the SynerGi project "Strengthening and structuring development CSOs and their partners to take greater account of associative expertise", the members of Groupe Initiatives (Gi) have affirmed their desire to share their experiences, highlight their skills and promote innovations. In particular, they wish to exchange and reflect on their practices, enrich them, share them and disseminate them in order to strengthen their alliance in the field of expertise and project engineering, and ultimately to better promote their values and approaches in the fight against inequalities, solidarity and development aid.